Central studio
Corso Pestalozzi 4a
CH–6900 Lugano
+41 (0)91 922 0070


Central is a graphic design studio based in Lugano, Switzerland, founded in 2013 by Michele Forzano and Lorenzo Perucconi. Our projects are oriented to the experimentation and implementation of Swiss design with a personal and contemporary aesthetic. We take care of designing and developing visual identities, editorial projects and signage systems. 

Awards and distinctions → 100 Beste Plakate D/A/CH, Winner, 2018 ╱ Grafik Schweiz Zürich, 2015 ╱ 1st prize Comune Capriasca, signage system ╱ 2014 1st prize Raiffeisen Melano, signage system, 2014 ╱ Slanted magazine, Featuring, 2019


Lorenzo Perucconi
co–founder, Graphic designer
After graduating as a graphic designer at the Centro scolastico per le Industrie Artistiche (CSIA) of Lugano, he collaborated with important design personalities, operating for ten years in Zurich (Designalltag) and St.Gallen (Tachezy, Kleger & Partner).

Michele Forzano
co–founder, Graphic designer
After graduating as an interior designer at Centro scolastico per le Industrie Artistiche (CSIA), he obtained a Bachelor's in Visual Communication at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Lugano (SUPSI). Later he worked at FABRICA in Treviso. Parallel to his professional activity he teaches Graphic design at the CSIA Lugano.


Professional experience based on dialogue, comparison and constant learning is essential for us, so we help students and young in their professional future, through internships. Did an internship with us:
Ester Salemi, Giada Balinzo, Marianna Malocco, Michelle Chiccherio, Daniele Falcone, Lara Raineri,Cinzia Parravicini, Isabella Rosa, Ana Eichmann, Carolina Crivelli, Martina Fazzini, Lorenzo Ferrara, Gianna Cagnoni, Alessandro Vogel, Luca Riva, Monica Müller, Nathan Pedroni, Giada Pettenati, Lilli Manz, Alice Moor, Dennis Magnoli, Ruben Campoy Bähler, Noah Morleo, Shana Dos Santos, Ares Pedroli, Jenna Criblez, Anastasia Kapitanova, Niki Paltenghi, Cristina Dominguez Alves, Lan Huong Hoang, Marzia Nasca, Andrea Pellizzoni, Giorgia della Santa, Nataly Silva, Xully Nguyen